Cheat codes mistakes

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Cheat codes mistakes

Unread postby raptor06jp/// » Mon, 14th Apr 2014 20:57

As you know there are many websites like Gamespot or GameFaq, where besides general JP:OG info are included cheat codes by combination of [,] and arrow keys that activate several in-game events.

So I have tested most of them and I noticed that some, at least one may have been mistaken by wrong combination, meaning that key sequence is wrong given. :dry:

In this post I'll include these cheats that I find out which are mistaken and I'll give the correct key sequence.
More cheats will be updated only If I discover others that maybe have been also mistaken.

Market Day (more fossils available at Fossil Market):

] , [ , down , [ , ] , down (instead of [ + ] + down)

No Twister! (disables any actual twisters):

[ , ] , left , right , [ , ] (instead of [ + ] + down)

Hope it helps. :amused:
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