JPOG "reborn" by GOG

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JPOG "reborn" by GOG

Unread postby CragLord » Fri, 6th May 2016 23:54

Hello everyone!

I hope that this is right place to start this topic, forgive me if I am wrong.
I just wanted to inform you, or to call you for support. I am not aware how much people still play JPOG, but nowadays getting legal version of game isn't so easy (or cheap). Because of that I just wanted to call all of you for support via voting on this site:
GOG team is team of enthusiastic programmers who are working on old games and adjusting them for modern PC systems (GOG= Good Old Games). So as you can see there is wishlist and on it is JPOG, so if you have time or will, you can support this "wish" by voting or leaving some supportive comments.
I hope JPOG will be reworked by GOG so we will have avaliable JPOG as DRM-free game, and their games are always with reasonable prices.
Also on their site, there is a tons of older classical games avaliable as DRM free. Check it on if you are interested.

PS. I just hope that similar topic doesn't exist already here (forum is huge so sorry for not checking xD).

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