Colour change

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Re: Colour change

Unread postby Dark Star » Sun, 19th Aug 2007 17:46

DarkLord wrote:Well, what can I say? I feel in a good mood...

=P In case you forgot, this was from "OG Review"... Meh, it doesn't really matter if you get the ranks made, I'll find a way around it... :)

The Witch King wrote:Well I'm a moderator. You really don't have much to brag about :P

I don't have much, but I do have something to brag about... =P Park Ranger, meet the fearsome predator... *chases ranger*
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Re: Developer Diary - July 24th

Unread postby Tyrannoraptor Rex » Wed, 28th May 2008 21:40

How do I go up in the ranks?
This, is, SPARTA! Oh, wait no here it is, this, is, MODDING GENESIS!
Tyrannoraptor Rex
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Park Visitor
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Re: Developer Diary - July 24th

Unread postby The Witch King » Thu, 29th May 2008 5:19

Tyrannoraptor Rex wrote:How do I go up in the ranks?
Please don't revive dead topics. Increase your post count.
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The Witch King
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